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Welcome to my Kisby website, for everything Kisby and some things Kisbee and Kisbey too. The information here is largely about the English surname Kisby and its known variants.

Contributions and suggestions for this site are always welcome. The Kisby/ee one-name study is a result of several collaborations and builds upon the hard work of several keen Kisby/ee genealogists.

Kisby is an unusual surname, which is a bonus for anyone searching for Kisby ancestors! I first became interested in family history as a teenager. My Great Aunt Ettie gave me details of her parents, aunt and uncles and this started the journey. Over the years, pre-internet, I collected a significant body of information about 'my' Kisby's and many non-related (or very distantly related) Kisby's in the English Kisby heartlands of Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire and Lincolnshire.

In 1999 I decided to share some of it online and, on 29 February 2000, was launched. With the increasing accessibility of genealogy resources online, I expanded my interest to all occurrences of the surname. In 2008 I joined the Guild of One–Name Studies (GoONS).

Eventually in 2015 my old website host (swallowed by a larger company) took down and so the website has been reinvented and redesigned as and now hosted on the GoONS' web servers. New pages will be added to the site as-and-when I have time to redevelop the old pages suitable for the 2010s.

Sean Kisby (Cardiff)
GoONS member #5000

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