The English Kisby's and Kisbee's (and Irish Kisbey's) have spread worldwide but today's Kisby/ee's can be traced back to a quite small number of family groups. These include 10 clustered across Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire, Huntingdonshire, and Northamptonshire, England. 1 Kisby family in Kent has Kisby descendants surviving till the mid 20th-century. The English family groups may, in turn, be related to one another at some point (and in some cases very likely). But without compelling evidence (for example DNA tests) these links will remain speculative and difficult to conclusively prove. 2 family groups in Ireland form the basis of the Irish Kisby/ey's.

Of course, there were many more Kisby family groups (and one Kisbie clan) who successfully reproduced the name for a long period, but whose descendants eventually lost the surname through marriage, or dying childless.

Below are listed the Kisby/ee/ey family groups whose 20th-century descendants still continue the surname(s)...

Cambridgeshire (general)
C1A pdf

C1(A):  William KISBY and Martha SKEELES, married 1739 in Chatteris and baptised five children in Chatteris between 1742 and 1753. Their eldest son is likely to have been Edward KISBY of Chatteris (though there is no record of his baptism in Chatteris).

C1B pdf C1(B):  Edward KISBY (1740–1822) and Elizabeth CAVE (of Mepal) married 1770 in Mepal and baptised eight children in Mepal and Chatteris between 1771 and 1793. Edward was a dairy farmer, later of the 'White House', Chatteris. Their sons Edward KISBY (of Mepal) and William KISBY (later of Outwell) had descendants who carried the Kisby name into the 20th-century.

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N1(A):  Samuel KISBY and Sarah BUCKNELL (of Winwick, Huntingdonshire) had a son, Thomas KISBY (1774–1856) who brought up a family in the city of Cambridge. Thomas's descendants perpetuated the Kisby surname.

Cambridgeshire Whittlesey

W1A pdf W1(A):  Charles KISBY (1773–1829) and Sarah BAINES married 1809 in Whittlesey and baptised ten children in Whittlesey between 1810 and 1829. Charles was a labourer and no trace has yet been found of his baptism. The eldest son's name John suggests Charles' father was a John KISBY. Charles' sons John KISBY, William KISBY and Richard KISBY (all of the village of Coates) had descendants who carried the Kisby name into the 20th-century (with a Kisby descendant of Richard still living in Coates in the 1990s).

W2A pdf W2(A):  John KISBY (d.1802?) and Ann baptised their son, Levi KISBY in 1799 in Whittlesey. Both John and Ann are common names for Kisbys, though Levi is not (outside of this family group). Neither is Emmanuel a common name, though Emmanuel KISBY is a witness at Levi's first marriage and Levi names his third son Emanuel. Judging by the names of the children of both of these Kisbys (see W2(B) below), there is a very strong likelihood Levi and Emmanuel are brothers. Levi's family emigrated to the United States during the 1850s, where 'his' Kisbys can still be found.

W2B pdf W2(B):  Emmanuel KISBY (1794–1856) and Jane PERKINS married 1816 in Whittlesey. Emmanuel was probably the son of John and Ann Kisby (above). Emmanuel and Jane baptised nine children in Whittlesey and lived in a variety of nearby locations (including the quaintly named "Six Sail Mill"). Their sons Emmanuel KISBY, Matthew KISBY and John KISBY had descendants who later carried the Kisby name to Southwest London, across England, South Wales and further afield.

W3A pdf W3(A):  William KISBY and Susan BLINKHORN married 1795 in Whittlesey, subsequently baptising four sons in the town. Two of them, William KISBY (bap. 1798) and Joseph KISBY (bap. 1802) are a compelling match for two Kisbys (see W3B and L3A) who appear later raising families in Lincolnshire. Joseph is not a common Kisby forename, while William KISBY of Lincolnshire later gives his place of birth as Whittlesea.

W3(B):  William KISBY (1798–1863) and Mary WARRIEN married near Spalding, Lincolnshire and baptised a son, also a William KISBY, in 1824. William is a common forename, but it is almost certain William Jnr raised a large family (including twin sons) in the villages around Spalding. Though only one of William's five sons marries, this son, John KISBY, appears on the Suffolk/Norfolk border where his Kisbys can still be found.


H1A pdf H1(A):  John KISBY and Sarah BARNS married 1755 in the village of Pidley (between Chatteris and St Ives) and baptised a son, John KISBY five months later. John possibly married in nearby Houghton in 1781 and then probably married for a second time in Pidley in 1783. In turn, he was more than likely father to a son John KISBY born in Pidley circa 1783. John KISBY Snr's Kisby descendants via his son Henry KISBY later settled in Nottinghamshire, England and Australia.

H1A-111 pdf John KISBY (1783–1867), grandson of John and Sarah, was a wealthy farmer, magistrate and twice mayor of the Huntingdonshire town of Godmanchester. His Kisby descendants via his son Robert KISBY (and grandson Robert John KISBY) later settled in Canada.


IR1A pdf IR1(A):  Richard KISBEY (1792–1872) a solicitor's clerk, and Mary Ann "Marion" (SCOTT) KISBEY came from Dublin. They were parents to at least five children who survived to adulthood and are the origins of the modern surname Kisbey.

Richard's grandsons, Richard Claudius KISBEY (pictured left) and William Dennington KISBEY emigrated across the Atlantic in 1881. Richard's only son was killed during the Great War, but William successfully left a Kisbey clan in California, USA.

IR2(A):  unknown KISBY (possibly a misspelled CASBY) had a number of Kisby children in Newtownards, County Down. The sons John "Jack" KISBY and William Henry KISBY crossed the Irish Sea in the early years of the 20th century to England, where they settled and raised Kisby families.


L1A pdf L1(A):  Robert KISBY (1774–1825) married Elizabeth MEARING in Langtoft, a Lincolnshire village close to the Northamptonshire border, in 1807. Though they only had three children Elizabeth, William and Joseph, each of these in turn had many offspring, as a result the sons carried on the paternal Kisby surname (while Elizabeth became a Peasgood). Robert's Kisbys headed towards Horncastle in Lincolnshire, Leeds in Yorkshire and (in large numbers) to North London.

W2A pdf L3(A):  Joseph KISBY (1802–1877) and Elizabeth (TODD) KISBY brought up a large family (including seven sons) at Langworth near Lincoln. Joseph is a compelling match for Joseph KISBY, a son baptised to William and Susan Kisby (see W3A) in Whittlesey in 1802. However, Joseph's adult life is associated with Lincolnshire and he claims in the later censuses he was born in either Holbeach or Pinchbeck (in the far south of the county). Joseph is variously a brickmaker, labourer and Beerhouse keeper.
Joseph's Kisby descendants move in significant numbers to the city of Leicester, while several of his grandchildren (via son George KISBY) emigrate to the east coast of the United States where Kisby families exist to this day.

L4(A):  Henry KISBY (1818–1908) married firstly Ellen NEEDHAM, possibly in England, and Elizabeth DEE in Iowa after emigrating to the United States. His family is documented in the "History of Mills County 1881" and he claims to be from Lincolnshire (there is a matching "20" year old Henry KISBY in the 1841 England Census). He became a successful farmer and lived to a ripe age.
Henry's two sons, William KISBY and Floyd KISBY bequeathed Kisby descendants in Iowa and Minnesota.

Northants general

N1(A):  Samuel KISBY (of Polebrook, Northants.) and Sarah BUCKNELL married in Winwick, Huntingdonshire in 1766. They baptised eight children in Winwick, including a Thomas Kisby in 1774. Thomas is believed to have married in the city of Cambridge in 1800 and, via his unmarried daughter Sarah Kisby (1802–1866), perpetuated the Kisby surname in England and New Zealand too.

N2(AB):  John KISBY (1761–1839) and Eleanor of Peterborough, caused confusion for genealogists when John was known as William during a period living in nearby Baston, Lincolnshire. Fortunately a son of 'William' remarried in middle age and recorded his father as John KISBY "Formerly of Baston late of Peterborough", thereby confirming the suspicion they were one and the same. John's son Robert Kisby had a large family who perpetuated the Kisby surname into the 20th century, particularly in Sunderland and County Durham.

Northants general

B1A pdf B1A-15C pdf B1(A):  Thomas KEYSBY (d. 1719) and Hannah (PEAL) KEYSBY married in the village of Barnwell in 1695. They settled there, raising a family. Their youngest son Thomas KISBY (the only son surviving to adulthood) became known as Thomas KISBEE in later life and the new surname stuck.
Thomas KISBEE's youngest son Franklin KISBEE (1752–1798) and his descendants were particularly responsible for disseminating and perpetuating the new surname Kisbee to the modern day.

There were 78 Kisbees recorded in Britain in 2002, and several more in Australia.

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